Food Items

Capsicum 1 KG

Rs.160 Rs.180

Carrot China 1KG

Rs.50 Rs.65

Carrot Desi 1KG

Rs.0 Rs.10

Peach(B-Grade) 1KG

Rs.0 Rs.20

Pear(Nashpati) 1KG

Rs.0 Rs.15

Arvi 1KG

Rs.66 Rs.71

Aubergine 1 KG

Rs.49 Rs.59

Bitter Gourd 1 KG

Rs.155 Rs.165

Cabbage 1 KG

Rs.60 Rs.80

Mettha 1KG

Rs.170 Rs.180

Papaya 1KG

Rs.300 Rs.325

Peach(A-Grade) 1KG

Rs.0 Rs.15

Coconut One Pcs

Rs.0 Rs.20

Grapefruit 1KG

Rs.0 Rs.20

Guava(Amrod) 1KG

Rs.125 Rs.135

Mango Desi 1KG

Rs.0 Rs.10
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